When Ancient Romans gathered, regardless of gender or class,
it was called a convivium.

Food and wine was served. Lively discussions were held. Ideas were shared.

Convivium Imports LLC was founded in 2020 by Dan Hess after many successful years as a sales rep and regional manager in the Los Angeles sales division for a leading California wine distribution and import company. With numerous relationships in one of the most competitive and exciting beverage markets in the world, his passion has led him in a new direction: to fill your glass with the stories of small producers.

These are women and men who tend to their land with respect for nature, put thought and care into the products they make, and are true to their cultures.

Convivium Imports exists to remind us that learning about different people and places is more fun when itโ€™s shared over a bottle.

Born in Spain, then raised in my dadโ€™s homeland of Switzerland but surrounded by the Guatemalan culture of my mom and her family, the idea of cultural curiosity was embedded in me at a young age. A mix of drinks, food and languages from disparate places at the same table was never strange; it was comforting. A comfort Iโ€™ve always wanted to share.

Which brings us to today. As we emerge from the solitude in which Convivium Imports LLC was founded, I am eager to bring you that which we all crave again: a way to experience the world anew. Together, we can taste the world.

โ€“Dan Hess

Raw Wine LA Dan Hess

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