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Convivium Imports exists to share knowledge…
The knowledge of small, naturally-minded producers…
Producers who want to tell a story about a place…
A place you can experience inside your glass.

We import organic and natural wines and ciders that highlight corners of the world that are meaningful to us.
We also partner with other like-minded importers to bring you producers still undiscovered by California drinkers.

Created in 1996, Wine Traditions Ltd. began as the collaborative project of husband and wife, Edward Addiss and Barbara Selig. Foundational for Ed and Barbara has been the belief that the meaningful expression of land is not limited to a small group of anointed appellations. As their portfolio evolved, so has their understanding of the wine traditions of France. They understand that the “organic habit of re-creating what has been received and is handed on” allows the perceptive vigneron or vigneronne to give the land a powerful voice through the wines they produce.

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