Domaine de Berguerolles

Domaine de Berguerolles

Domaine de Berguerolles is a family estate located in St. Ambroix, in northern Languedoc aera in the Cévennes National Park. Robert Saint Etienne acquired the Clos de Berguerolles in 1967 and he rebuilt this magnificent vineyard from virtually nothing. He finally began starting bottled his own wine in 1974.

Today this beautiful family winery continues to exist, prosper and flourish under the guidance of Mathieu Manificier, who has focused on maintaining a focus on organic and partial biodynamic approach to farming, while also pushing the winery into the future.

He understands the need to uphold tradition by continuing to bottle classic grapes grown in the area, but his outside-the-box thinking has put him on the forefront of natural winemaking: reviving pre-phylloxera varietals, bottling with zero sulfur added and, most interestingly, planing hybrids grapes to increase sustainability in the vineyards. A true pioneering vision for the conservative Cévennes region.

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The wine

Pet Nat


Type: Sparkling Wine  | Variety: Italia Bouquet | Additional info: organic, spontaneous fermentation, unfiltered and unfined, non-disgorged, ZERO sulfites added.

A great example of the cutting edge winemaking being done by Mathieu, this Pet Nat is made using a relatively unknown hybrid grape called Italia Bouquet. The resulting wine is light in alcohol with soft bubbles that reflect a more “spritzy” style of sparkling wine.

In terms of aromas and flavors, there is no other Pet Nat like this one – a mix of sensations: herbaceous, vegetal, citrus-y, salty… it runs the gamut with each palate discovering a new, fun element within. This wine never ceases to surprise and is one of the most dynamic bottles  to bring to a party.

pet nat rose

Pét’ Nat’ Rosé

Type: Sparkling Wine  | Variety: Vidoc / Artaban | Additional info: organic, spontaneous fermentation, unfiltered and unfined, non-disgorged, ZERO sulfites added.

This rosé Pet Nat is made from hybrid grapes Vidoc and Artaban, which provide it with fresh berry-scented notes right out of the bottle. Super bright, packed with fresh bubbles and notes of soft black currant flowers and hints with candied cranberries. This is another fun wine that highlights the surprising qualities of a wines made with hybrid grapes.

White Rabbit

White Rabbit

Type: WHITE WINE  | Variety: Souvignier Gris, Petit Manseng | Additional info: Organic, spontaneous fermentation, unfiltered, unfined and low sulfur.

This wine is a fascinating, unique blend of hybrid grape Souvignier Gris and traditional southwestern French grape Petit Manseng, both grown organically on loamy soils, as well as red clay with quartz and granite pebbles. 

This wine pops with aromatics – citrus fruits on a floral background, along with a textural stonefruit element that seems to pop with an amazing backbone of salinity. It’s like a fun cocktail in a wine bottle. 

Pink my ride

Pink My Ride

Type: ROSÉ WINE  | Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cinsault | Additional info: Organic, spontaneous fermentation, unfiltered, unfined, low sulfur.

A beautifully light, direct press pink rosé reminiscent of Provence’s famous style, this one has more character – berry notes mingling with a hint of creamy sweetness that complement the acid notes. 

la vie en orange

La vie en Orange

Type: SKIN CONTACT WINE aka ORANGE WINE  | Variety: Semillon, Viognier | Additional info: Organic, native yeast, unfiltered and unfined, very low sulfur added.

A truly pleasurable orange wine. The grape varieties are harvested together and vatted after destemming. The maceration lasts 8 days in order to extract the fruitiness of the grapes and a slight tannic intensity.

Fruity with nice texture, this is crowd-pleaser with NO ADDED SULFUR .

back to the serine

Back to the Serine

Type: RED WINE  | Variety: Serine | Additional info: Organic, hand-picked, spontaneous fermentation, unfiltered/unfined, low sulfur added. 

Come taste the OG Syrah! The Serine grape is the ancestral clonal predecessor of Syrah from the pre-phylloxera era. This is what was commonly planted and grown in northern Rhône a hundred years ago.

Grown organically on loamy soils, as well as red clay with quartz and granite pebbles. The grapes are hand-picked, spontaneously fermented as whole bunches using indigenous yeasts to induce an intercellular fermentation (aka carbonic maceration) and aged 9 months in stainless steel tanks.

Expressive, fruity and fresh nose: aromas of blackcurrant bud, wild strawberry, fennel scented, black tea… .

Elegant palate showing good balance between sense of place and fruit, layered by aromas of vetiver grass, liquorice stick and thyme leading to a long and lingering finish.

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