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Esteve i Gibert (Penedès)

Esteve i Gibert

Despite hosting eight generations of winemaking on its farm, the current Esteve i Gibert estate was born when Josep handed over control to Laura Esteve and winemaker husband Albert Lopez, who embraced low-intervention, ORGANIC viticulture. With 19 hectares on the sunny, high altitude slopes of the Ordal mountains, these are wines that possess a particular Catalan sensibility

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El Picapedrer

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Made with indigenous grapes of the Ribeiro region: Caiño Longo, Souson and Brancellao, grown in the granite sandy soil of “Eigon” plot (1ha) located in the Beade district of Avia valley.

The weather in 2019 was perfect for red grapes. There was less rainfall than usual and dry and warm temperatures towards the end of maturation.

De-stemmed and fermented in SST with temperature control (19C) for 18 days with light punching down. The juice is then separated from the skin and pressed. The wine and fine lees are moved into French oak barrels and aged for 10 months. Bottled without filtering, fining or addition of any chemical products.