Domaine des 13 Lunes

Former woodworker-turned-winemaker Sylvain Liotard farms 5.7 hectares in the French Alps mountain village of Chapareillan, along the slopes of the famous Mont Granier. He began in 2014 and pursues a viticulture that is both certified organic and biodynamic. He cares deeply for the land he cultivates and approaches winemaking in a simple yet honest manner – with minimal intervention but with an openness to new ideas and processes.

Savoie, the mountainous area in southeastern France, where Switzerland meets Italy, is often overlooked compared to many other French wine-producing regions. Sylvain is part of a wave of young winemakers embracing the local varietals to produce approachable red wines and refreshing white wines that reflect the cool air and water that help the vines grow. 

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The wine

13 Lunes vin de savoie


Type: WHITE WINE  | Variety: JACQUÈRE | Additional info: Organic, biodynamic, indigenous yeast, unfined, minimal SO2

Domaine des 13 Lunes’ Apremont wine is produced exclusively from the local grape called Jacquère, the most widely planted grape variety in the Savoie. Grown in the clay-limestone soils of the small Apremont cru vineyards, the grapes are hand-harvested and undergo direct press, followed by native yeast fermentation and then 6 months lees aging in stainless steel. The wine is bottled after a light filtering but no fining with minimal sulfites

This wine shows aromas of green apples, pears, and freshly cut grass. The palate displays clean minerality and citrus notes. Meant to be enjoyed young, this is a crisp, refreshing wine with an authentic Alpine character. 


Domaine des 13 lunes abymes


Type: WHITE WINE  | Variety: JACQUÈRE | Additional info: Organic, biodynamic, indigenous yeast, unfined, minimal SO2

Abymes and Apremont are both made from 100% Jacquère in the same fresh natural style. The vineyards are only a stone’s throw away from each other. Both are vinified exactly the same way, using native yeasts and aging sur-lie for 6 months in ovoid tanks to promote the perpetual movement of the lees during fermentation.

So the real difference between the wines is which side of the proverbial tracks the vines are planted. Are you a purist who prefers the better-known Apremont, or more a trendsetter popping open a bottle of Abymes? Either, way you can’t go wrong, as both are superb versions of the refreshing floral Jacquère grape.

rousette de savoie une hirondelle

Une Hirondelle de Roussette

Type: WHITE WINE  | Variety: ALTESSE | Additional info: Organic, biodynamic, indigenous yeast, unfined, unfiltered, minimal SO2

Altesse (also known as Roussette is often considered the queen of Savoie, and 13 Lunes gives this cuvée the royal treatment: vinification via spontaneous fermentation like all the other wines, then aged for 10 months in a mix of tank, oak barrels, and acacia barrels.


13 Bulles

Type: PET NAT  

13 Bulles is a Pet Nat that draws you in with how easy it is to drink. Only 10% in alcohol with the finest bubbles you can imagine, it’s super balanced. The aromas of pear and green apple help provide this sparkling wine with a distinctive identity derived from its grape varietal Jacquère. There’s a reason people call this Alpine mineral water!
13 Lunes Le Coeur en Goguette

Le Coeur en Goguette

Type: RED WINE  | Variety: GAMAY/MONDEUSE | Additional info: Organic, biodynamic, indigenous yeast, minimal SO2

The Savoie is better known for its white wines than for its red wines. The locals don’t mind that because it means they get to keep more of their easy-drinking red wines for themselves. Le Coeur en Goguette is a 50/50 blend of Gamay and Mondeuse.

The grapes are hand-harvested and destemmed before macerating on the skins for 10 to 20 days. Fermentation takes place at ambient temperature with native yeast. It is aged 8 months with 70% in stainless steel and 30% in barrels (10% of which are new). Dark and sour cherries blend with black licorice, raspberry compote and a hint of gaminess. It has great acidity and some really nice medium tannins.  A true vin de soif aka a crushable red wine.


13 lunes La Nuit Nous Appartient

La Nuit Nous Appartient

Type: RED WINE  | Variety: MONDEUSE | Additional info: Organic, biodynamic, indigenous yeast, unfiltered, minimal SO2

La Nuit Nous Appartient is 100% Mondeuse, an under-appreciated local grape varietal of Savoie. The grapes are destemmed and maceration lasts 10 to 20 days, depending on the progress of the spontaneous fermentation by indigenous yeasts. Minimal intervention during the entire process, with pumping over and punching down of the caps only if needed to aid in fermentation. The wine is matured for 10 months in barrel, of which 10% is new wood. It is unfiltered and bottled with minimal sulfites.

The name of the wine in French means “”The Night Belongs to Us,” which is understandable considering this is a fresh, vibrant red wine that is ready to drink right away.

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