Adega do Demo

Adega do Demo is an organic estate owned and run by Laura Rodriguez and Carlos Lorenzo, who had been selling grapes from his family vineyards since 2005 but only began bottling their own wine in 2017, which they made in a friends’ cellar. They’ve moved into their own winery since then and now focus on producing unique wine based on the traditional viticulture of the Ribeiro region (Ourense, Galicia) by using local, indigenous grapes and low intervention winemaking methods.

Laura and Carlos farm on four hectares of granite and clay soil vineyards, at medium and high altitude, and follow an organic approach. They focus on caring for the soil and its microbiology, considering it essential to achieve healthy and resistant plants.

The unique name of the estate comes from Moises, Carlos’s grandfather who grew up in quiet, rural Galicia in the 1930s. Moises had a reputation as a bit of a town troublemaker whose jokes annoyed the entire village. One of his famous tricks was to climb up the highest hill with his brother and make a loud noise with a toy in the middle of the night. People began calling this strange sound the “demon’s snore”, and Moises earned the nickname “O Demo da Ronca” aka “the snoring demon.” This is their way of weaving local family folklore into the very identity of their estate.

Key information



The wine


Type: WHITE WINE  | Variety: 95% TREIXADURA, 5% LOUREIRA | Additional info: organic, natural yeasts, minimal SO2, unfiltered/unfined

Made with grapes grown on Carlos and Laura’s estate vineyard on slate and clay soils that lie at 280 meter altitude. 18 hours of cold maceration. Fermentation with natural yeast in stainless steel tanks with short batonnage to increase contact between wine and fine lees. Small dose of SO2 and no fining or filtering or correction.

Bitoku means “virtues” in Japanese. To Carlos and Laura, the virtues show the way that a winemaker has to follow from the vineyard to making wine. This is why this wine – made from grapes usually used as part of a simple Vinho Verde blend – stands out. Hard work and a belief in nature create a complex wine that combines freshness and salinity, along with flavors of exotic fruits and a lush mouthfeel.


Tinto do Demo

Type: RED WINE  | Variety: CAIÑO LONGO, SOUSON, BRANCELLAO  | Additional info: organic, natural yeasts, minimal SO2, unfined/unfiltered

Made with indigenous grapes of the region: Caiño Longo, Souson and Brancellao, grown in the granite sandy soil of the Beade district of Avia valley. De-stemmed and fermented in stainless steel for 18 days with light punching down. The juice is then separated from the skins and pressed. The wine and fine lees are moved into French oak barrels and aged for 10 months. 

The label of the Tinto do Demo is inscribed with the Latin phrase “Quid vetat ridentem dicere verum,” which translates roughly to “what prevents a laughing man from telling the truth?” This is Carlos and Laura’s way of honoring their forefather Moises’ fun-loving nature but also giving us a head’s up of the wine’s playful tasting notes. On the nose filled with dark fruits and sweetness but upon tasting, it surprises with an acid-driven red wine with slight tannins and green, herbal notes, reminiscent of a Cab France. A fun wine!

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